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Photographer's Statement:

"It is easy to photograph events unfolding in front of your eyes, step by step but hardest to capture the emotions felt by the heart moment by moment. Only when I let myself see through the eyes of the ones in love, I am able to capture what the heart truly feels. I laugh when they laugh, I cry when they cry, I hum when they dance... listening, looking, capturing, freezing each and every passing moment for them to remember and relive over and over again for generations to come... and that is when I know I have done justice to their most important day!  

The day of the wedding is very stressful and having a friend by your side can relieve some of the stress. I will go up to the bride and pull her shirt up because her cleavage is too low or fix her bra strap or get her a glass of water or just simply hold her hand if she is feeling emotional. To me it's not just about that one day, it's about making lasting friendships and creating memories."


Having had the experience and knowledge of running a successful Photography and Graphic Design company for over 10 years,  Ayesha Khwaja has mastered her ability to develop a "can do" attitude by providing excellent customer service to her clients.  ​Graduated from Moore College of Art and Design with a bachelors in Fine Art and a double major in Photography and Graphic Design. 

Photography by Ayesha is based in Washington, DC but our work radius is not limited only to the clients in the United States, we also travel all over the world capturing moments full of emotions. Our focus is building a lasting client and photographer relationship by giving them individual attention and care they deserve.  Our goal is not to get the most number of clients but to get enough clients where we never have to compromise on quality.  We work with stressed and over whelmed brides, excited and anxious couples, hopeful expecting mothers, small business owners, large corporations and families who want yearly documentation of their lives. We use the latest equipment and multiple drones to give any perspective that is needed or desired. Once you become our client, you become part of our family!

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